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Story about LUZ Beauty Studio, in Denmark.
card of LUZ Beauty Studio, in Østebro.


At LUZ’ BEAUTY STUDIO, we recognize the challenges of managing a busy lifestyle, which can often hinder one's ability to allocate time for self-care and enhancing personal beauty. With this understanding, we have established a dedicated environment that offers a comprehensive range of beauty services, all conveniently available in a single location.
client receiving a manicure treatment in LUZ Beauty Studio, Copenhagen.



From the artistry of brow and lash treatments to the indulgence of manicures and pedicures, our aim is to streamline the self-care experience, making it both stress-free and effortlessly accessible. We understand the importance of time as a precious resource and believe that there is no need to traverse multiple salons for a variety of beauty services when you can find everything you need conveniently under one roof.


clients receiving a pedicure treatment in LUZ Beauty Studio, in Copenhagen, Denmark.


“When creating the aesthetic for LUZ' BEAUTY STUDIO we wanted to make sure it was warm and inviting with a subtle touch of South America. There needed to be a feeling of calmness once stepping into the space. A feeling that would make a person feel good about being there.”


Luz is not just a businesswoman; she is the visionary founder behind LUZ’ BEAUTY STUDIO, a testament to her unwavering dedication to the beauty industry. Hailing from Peru, Luz's journey into the world of beauty commenced, and it was there that she cultivated an unyielding commitment to delivering top-notch beauty services.
Her quest for excellence led her to Spain, where she spent an enriching nine years honing her skills and mastering various beauty techniques. It was during this time that Luz immersed herself in the intricacies of the beauty industry, setting the bar high for quality services.
In 2016, a twist of fate redirected Luz from Dubai to Denmark, capturing her heart with Copenhagen's undeniable charm and unique way of life. Despite the unexpected detour, Luz saw it as an opportunity to bring her dream to life. In 2020, she fulfilled her long-standing dream of establishing LUZ’ BEAUTY STUDIO, a haven where her exacting standards for beauty services could flourish. 
Luz is a multifaceted individual, juggling multiple business ventures and a growing family. Yet, amid her bustling life, she remains steadfast in preserving the flame of her passion for beauty. LUZ' BEAUTY STUDIO stands as a testament to her commitment, inviting people from all walks of life in Copenhagen to experience the pinnacle of beauty services. With warmth, charm, and an unwavering dedication, Luz welcomes you to indulge in the exquisite world of beauty that she has crafted with care and passion.
the owner of LUZ Beauty Salon, Denmark.

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the lakes, Copenhagen, Denmark.


The Lakes in Copenhagen weave a mesmerizing tapestry along the western edge of the City Center, unfolding as a trilogy of gracefully curved, rectangular waterways. These enchanting lakes stand as ancient sentinels, casting a spell over the city's landscape and ranking among its most admirable landmarks. Adorned with pathways that beckon strollers, bikers, and runners alike, this magical realm invites all to partake in the allure of its timeless charm.
You can find LUZ' BEAUTY STUDIO centrally located in Copenhagen's neighborhood, Østerbro, just a street away from the lakes.
Our salon is on a street that is shared with great boutiques, cafes, and restaurants with a true local feel. LUZ' BEAUTY STUDIO's core is self-love and care, so being in a warm friendly neighborhood and within a short distance of the lakes adds so much to the experience of the salon.
A stroll along the lakes after being pampered at LUZ' BEAUTY STUDIO unfolds as a dream of its own.
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