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Our savings card is the best option for beauty treatments in Østerbro, Copenhagen, Denmark.

LUZ’ Beauty Studio offers prepaid treatment Beauty Savings Cards with discounted rates for bulk services to offer loyal customers great pricing on their favourite services.

Beauty Savings Card can be for three or five of the same treatment of your choice:

  • Prepay 5 of the same treatment upfront and get 35% discount on the total amount.

  • Prepay 3 of the same treatment upfront and get 25% discount on the total amount.


You are able to use the Beauty Savings Card for yourself, as a gift or you can share the prepaid services between you and friends or family.



our exclusive Gift Card that you can use for beauty treatments in Copenhagen, Denmark

Choosing a gift card is- an ideal way to treat your loved ones to a pampering experience tailored to their unique beauty needs. LUZ' BEAUTY STUDIO, renowned for its exceptional nail, lash, and brow services, offers a haven of self-care and indulgence. By giving a LUZ' BEAUTY STUDIO gift card, you're providing the gift of choice and personalized beauty services. Recipients can select from a range of luxurious treatments, ensuring they leave the studio feeling refreshed, confident, and beautiful. 

The thoughtful gesture of a LUZ' BEAUTY STUDIO gift card reflects your consideration for their well-being and allows them to enjoy a tailored beauty experience, making it a perfect and memorable gift for any occasion.

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