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Peruvian skincare brand Aypa exclusively available at LUZ' BEAUTY STUDIO

We're thrilled to announce an exciting addition to LUZ' BEAUTY STUDIO: We're delighted to introduce our chosen partner brand, Aypa. Throughout Scandinavia, LUZ' BEAUTY STUDIO is the only place that you can find the exclusive brand. Aypa is a natural and organic brand, proudly Peruvian-owned, that meticulously sources all its ingredients directly from Peru.


Selecting the perfect skincare line for LUZ' BEAUTY STUDIO was a journey of shared values and rigorous testing. We were determined to support a Peruvian brand that aligned with our ethos, and in Aypa, we found a perfect match. Upon testing their products, we were enamored with each one, making our selection process challenging. However, after careful deliberation, we've chosen four standout products from their collection: The Aypa Stone, Quinoa Cleanser, Raw Facial Oil, and Anti-aging Vitamin Rich Cream.


Among these offerings, we're particularly excited about The Aypa Stone, a spiritually powerful facial tool designed to elevate your skincare routine and emotions. We are so excited for our customers to experience it during quickie calming facials. Here is the official description of this magical facial tool:


Healing action on the skin, positive effects on the emotions

"This powerful wellness tool for massage is handmade by artisans in Peru. It is carved with Peruvian serpentine stone, sustainably sourced from a unique magnetic area near the ancient Incan citadel of Machu Picchu.
Its authentic design is inspired by the Andean mountains. The stone has 3 sides that activate specific points during the massage practice. Each stone is unique and has quartz and pyrite inlays, capable of stimulating and regenerating skin cells to the maximum.
The Aypa Stone comes in a protective cloth bag handmade of Andean wool, naturally tinted with herbs from native plants. It can be used to clean the stone." - AYPA

Come and experience Aypa at LUZ' BEAUTY STUDIO in Copenhagen by The lakes at Ryesgade 50, st. tv, 2100 København.

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