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Hues of our planet's palette: LUZ' BEAUTY STUDIO's Ode to Peru's Rainbow Mountain

When Luz opened LUZ' BEAUTY STUDIO in 2020, she drew inspiration from Vinicunca in Peru also known as the Rainbow Mountain, infusing the space with a touch of her homeland. 

According to the Cultural Landscape Office of the Decentralization of the City of Cusco, the stunning Rainbow Mountains owe their vibrant hues to a fascinating mix of minerals. From the pink of red clay and sand to the white of quartzose sandstone, each color tells a geological tale. Reds come from iron-rich claystones, greens from phyllites, and browns from magnesium-laden rocks. Finally, the mustard yellow arises from sulphurous minerals in calcareous sandstones. These natural marvels, formed over millennia, create a breathtaking spectacle that has enchanted observers for generations.

The hue on the walls in the salon reflect not just color but a heartfelt connection to Luz' roots, transforming the salon into a sanctuary where beauty resonates with cultural reverence and personal significance.

"While we travel the world in search of beauty, sometimes it's the earth itself that holds the most breathtaking wonders. Vinicunca, the Rainbow Mountain of Peru, stands as a testament to nature's artistry and the vibrant hues of our planet's palette." - Luz

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